The Sun rises over the school.
I try to capture moments in time but I think the moment has captured me.
The early morning darkness of western Kentucky.


Staring at the sun?
I knew back then that staring at the sun was bad for my eyes. I knew that Ramon was special because he could with his intelligence look at the sun for prolonged periods of time without being blinded by the light. It takes some bravery and a lot of smarts to pull that off, some that I am not smart enough to do.
Anyway I am a lucky fool to meet some fine folks that did some amazing things.
How could so many people with so many different ideas live in peace?
I am getting side tracked.
The sun is so so many miles from the earth, I am not sure how far but it is far enough away to make life on this planet just dandy.
And if we could find another planet the same distance away from its source of light then we could find life on another planet.
The size of the planet and the size of its sun do make a difference. It everything comes together properly then that life there can worship itís source of life as we do.
How could so many people with so many different ideas live in peace?
When I met Laurel I started to understand that she could live as she does and still be all right with life.
Love the one your with.
She has always been trashed by society and she has always come out on top mentally. Society always has a pleasant hello for her but she is always put in her place. She is some one you like but never invite to dinner.
All of my knowledge about god came from Christianity. First by the Catholics an then by the Christians. It is easy to fall back to what you loved as a child.
But how could I love the minds of others where they moved in so many different ways and still be right?
The solution starts at the sun and this planet.
Here we are!
We are small beings thinking all the right solutions.
How could so many people with so many different ideas live in peace?
They all have a brain and each brain finally figures out why their here.
Could it be that each human being on this planet has found the truth about their selves?
I think they have and it is up to us to see that sparkle in those eyes.
It is easy to get lost in all the rhetoric about life, rhetoric does supple us with some wonderful thought that is all true.
But the basic values of life seem to filter to the top.
Sometimes it is another human being sometimes it is the book or history.
Anyway the mind has put us in a good place and we thank those minds every single day.
I always come back to Sylvia and Joanie.

An Amish Home in Western Kentucky

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas