Images are bright before my eye.
Cloth sways in the breeze.
Goldfinches fly about the feeder.
Laurel walks into the kitchen.
It is time for tea.
The news sounds in the background, is it really that bleak?
Is our life on this planet really that bleak?
Could I really move my mind away from that.
Could I isolate my being by moving into the woods?
I am here in the country, it is quiet here and I bring the news of destruction closer by listening to that black contraption.
There are no formations marching in this morning sunlight.
This life could be duplicated elsewhere.
But no!
Some parts of this world love the violence at their doorsteps.
What a shame; it was your dream to have peace on earth when you were a child.

Nicole and Alicia are singing in the background.
That is nice.

Nicole***and*** Alicia

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas