I was out in the garden today shredding an accumulated pile of rubbish into mulch.
I got very hot out there.
Since it was a very dangerous job my mind was only thinking of the job at hand.
Every moment out there I gave to watching what I was doing.
I gave it the same diligence as working along side of the river.
There could not be any mistakes in a dangerous environment like these.
My moments were skilled moving my body very carefully.
The sweat was rolling and when I finished I came in and cooled off.
It took about twenty minutes for the sweat to stop rolling.
I felt better after I took a shower and refreshened my body.
This took most of the time of the day.
I sat, rested and waited for Laurel to come home.
Laurel honked the horn of the car and said, “ I need to go to the store.”
While driving through town we saw men putting up flags out of a pickup alone main street.
It took me two hours to finally figure out what was going on. So sad.
I have been breathing the dust and air of death for two years and
it takes two hours to realize why two old men in overalls are placing flags along the main street.
I know now why these men have taken a little time out of their day to perform such a task.
So sad. Not much can be said on a day like today.
Later this evening I saw a video on TV of doctors and nurses just standing, waiting for the ambulances to arrive.
They never arrived.
It was just a dense cloud of grey concrete and human smoke that rolled over the earth that day.
Dust to dust in a very sad way.
Somehow we have to use memory and dust as our Memorial.
Right now I look and the newsletters are pouring in.
Today’s date is the topic.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas