We can sit and be still
It is raining.
The rain hitting the pipe on the roof causes the pipes to sing above the stove and above the water heater.
My mind is at a peaceful place.
This mind has gone to the movie utopia Shangri-la, the Shambhala to the north of Tibet.
I have gone in my mind to the garden where the apple blossoms are in bloom and
Eve sits quietly by the sea on the sand.
I can sit under this large Hackberry and see the reflection of dew on the green grass.
There are places that I can go while traveling down the highway, walking or driving.
There are places where the sunlight can shine and warm the body and soul.
Many movements can fly by with colorful spectrums of color.
We can soar with the eagle.
We can paint doorways on long hallways to heaven or to a vast eternity.
We can move along the line from beyond one million or we can dive into the negative depths of numbers.
We can logically calculate our environmental impact on this planet.
We can sit and be still or we can exorcise our being.
We have heightened our state of being.
It has stopped raining and the song has ceased.
We can wash the dishes or wax the car and still be.
There is a soft sound,
The rhythm of song moves my body.
We can sit and be still

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas