Get this; I went over to Yahoo maps and figured out how many miles per
hour I traveled from Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, La. to Cynthiana, Ky. in 1962 or 63.
I had no job in New Orleans; I did not know what
dropping out was? I had three dollars in my pocket with no future of any
money coming in. I had to go somewhere and Kentucky seemed like the
easiest place to go. My sister had just moved there from California.
It is 789 miles from Lake Pontchartrain to Cynthiana. It took me four
days with three dollars, some kind help and a lot of apples to get to
Cynthiana. That is eight miles per hour with barking dogs in the middle
of the night moving you away from barns and homes. I caught rides when I
could but mostly I walked.
See Walking
I am forever tied to Joanie, Sylvia, Ramon and Huw. Our lives
intertwined between two Communes, Tolstoy & Morningstar.
These times were wrapped in the spring of 67 to the winter of 67-68.
I was in love with Sylvia who's husband had started Tolstoy Farm and
my best friend Joanie at Tolstoy was involved in the creation of
Morningstar with Ramon.
No matter how I try to throw down the kindling it will always be linked
I have tried to explain the poverty to Laurel but she only has one
definition for poverty and she wants no part of it.
These were revolutionary times for me. It may have been a short period
of time but it was rather profound and it affects the way I think or do
things at this moment.
I learned that drugs are not evil.
I learned that our authorities are not always right or correct.
I learned that without clothes man is still man and women are still
I learned that in the U.S. you couldn't starve. You could starve but you
would have to try.
I learned that all meanings of God or not God are correct.
I learned that when a man opens his mouth he has something to say or is
I learned the meaning of one.
I learned that work was not a nine to five chore, but something you did
for mankind.
I am sure that I could add to this list
and knowing my love for words I will do just that at some other time,
which may be a few minutes.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

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