We are dropped onto this planet and immediately covered in cloth,
then fed mothers milk, then cooed at.
We soon want more and in this society we live in, we normally get what we want.
But there are times when life throws us a curve we did not want to happen and we are angered.
What is the rest of the world going to do for you.
The only thing we can, cover you with warmth and coo in your ear.
We take for granted everything in this society we live in.
We automatically cover our nakedness in the latest style;
we do not gather in the streets without clothes without society coming to our rescue with an army.
We have as a group found a way to live in good health but time is always against us as we age.
If there is anything that pisses us off it is this lack of time we have.
We are always wanting more.
I learned at both of those communes that there is no need to want, just be.
This is where we are at.
If it is dull so be it.
Words are the canvas in this ongoing historical document.


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