March 19, 2002.
Your letter arrived and Allison arrived on the same day. It is raining and gray. The trees are just starting to bud, no colors. Our living room is covered with Allison's and Natasha's stuff. Baby blankets, a walker, diapers and wipes, clothes and rings for teething, objects for Natasha to view. This is like a circus tent of love for a child. She moves from person to person, she smiles and laughs we smile and laugh we are encouraged to be wonderful, we ask her to learn. She falls asleep and rests for a couple of hours. She awakens and acclimates her little body. She looks around, seeing life after a nap. Every moment is a learning experience for her. She lies on the soft blanket and struggles to get up onto her knees; she pushes her hands to the floor trying to raise her little body up. It is a task; a hard task and we see it. We are afraid that she will bust her mouth on the floor. This is all part of her struggle today at our home.

March 20, 2002
Natasha is lying in bed with your mom. She is dressed in yellow and looking up at the world. Three cats are asleep. I want to take a picture, Mom says," Don't you dare."
Good Morning.

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