Am supposed to fight or compromise?
I think I should compromise. I have a lot to lose.
Not for my self but for Laurel. We both live in the nine to five world.
I think to my self that I can leave it and that she cannot.
Her values are based on making money and enjoying what money brings.
The only thing of value for me is our existence, our presence on this planet.
I want Laurel to be happy so I compromise.
She has stood beside me and agreed to what I am saying.
She would of stood beside me if I ignored their order and refused to work the 12 hours.
I may have been fired for that or some other silly notion they would come up with.
I will work 12 hours in a day for the government. I know that working 12 hours is wrong.
This is where the government has abused its power. It has settled with the greed and made a bargain with it (greed).
I have told them that they have made a mistake; they have given up the eight-hour day and the forty-hour week, but greed has flashed before their eye like flash cards for children.
I have not given up the eight hour day and I want overtime for all hours in a day that I work over eight hours.
I want overtime for all hours worked over forty in a week.
That is my bargain.
This letter is my bargain, my hold to the value of life that I sustain.
The tide will turn in my favor, slowly and surely.
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