If Mother Teresa can do it.

It was not so long ago that you could see cigarette butts on the floors of our local supermarkets.
This was rather common to see folks smoking in the stores in our communities.
Times have evolved and we no longer tolerate cigarette butts on those floors in this society as a whole.
So now I hear on television that some folks think that we are pushing to hard for a clean environment.
It may be true that some folks demand a clean environment in rather extreme ways.
But as long as money rules the world we will need someone to venture on these paths.
We have evolved as a civilization balancing the extremes of our cleanliness and filth.
Learning to bury the waste of our existence so it will turn over a new leaf.
Balancing the thoughts of those extremes seems to me the path to take.
I can pick up after my self.
But the other day we walked into the new box store and what did we see?
Cigarette butts on those floors and I thought.
As long as money rules the world we will see that,
no human being is paid to do that
or there is no thought of the store being part of this environment.
There seems to be too much pride to pick up after another human being.
People seem to pick up when the boss is coming around.
This is what I call a kiss ass mentality.
We as a race need to pick up after other human beings,
remembering to see them as a being on this planet.
I can pick up after my self.
If Mother Teresa can do it so can we.
Here is a little story about what to do with butter on your fingers.
At the time that I dropped out I was obsessed with cleanliness.
Here is a story about working on this planet.

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