Valleys of Green Mist

Today I am the dictator, a total pain in the ass.
Maybe if I stop and write about this, the power and feelings will fade.
Maybe a better person will rise into being.
Ideas and deeds do not have to be done on time, precisely on schedule.
Theses places of the heart and mind can be in disarray.
I have only just written one paragraph and the dictator, the silver pointer,
is moving away into oblivion.
His stainless steel pawns are being replaced by flowers.
James Taylor is singing in the background with J.D. Souther, now Sting takes the stage.
Every time I here James Taylor sing,
he reminds me of the search for Ramon by Joanie during his illness.
Music and thought spinning us into the realm of lavender dreams.
A cloudy view, a misty green moisture in the air.
The hills and valleys of green mist, a green clover on your lapel.


Creatures that wear clothes

Creatures that wear clothes, who do not have the courage to be seen without them.
A civilized world without reason.  I read wonderful words by intelligent minds.
Minds that carry a thought though the spectrum of styles.
Interwoven moments of extreme intellect  who mock each other.
We live in a wonderland of toys.  Fulfillment is within our reach.
We see our wealth daily,  it is spread out on our tables.
Abundance of knowledge floats at the top of  our cappuccino.
I read a paper,  I see a movie,  before my eyes are the wonders of intellect.
I smile knowing that these creatures are really nice.  Amazing what the mind can do.
We awake the inner being in our head.
This is not so bad. This is not so bad?


Coming Soon

The rain has ended. It looks as there should be a Easter Bunny running across the yard,
laying  and hiding colorful Easter Eggs. The trees are starting to flower, the sap is flowing
in abundance. Wild clover is turning the green fields lavender. Vehicles are moving, there
amber lights moving in the morning light.
The world is feeling good. Gray skies seem warm. I have a choice, I can change and see a
different world.
I love the activity the Most Newsletter is generating, warm emotions cover the landscape from sea to
shining sea. This generates pleasure deep in my being. Different beings, different Ideas, a
spectrum of thoughts. Our childhood is coming of age.


The noise this morning was loud. The birds on the dam were raising hell. The killdeer were making a fuss, the seagulls were making a  clutter, ducks and cranes were adding to the intense level of sound. I could here the roar of a truck as it moved on the highway in the distance. A very loud warm spring morning. As I walked the noise became less noticeable. What became more noticeable were the white droppings that the seagulls left behind.
I had to watch every step.
What we endure to create a lifestyle.
Today I am reminded of the complex beings that we are. We use our bodies to handle intense physical manipulations.
Our bodies handle dexterity with grace. The younger and stronger child with will and determination can climb a sheer wall.
When I was young I did not know what I was doing, the abilities were in place, the will and determination was not.
It was not until my drive with Kathy and Ambo to New York and back to Illinois that a will and determination fell into place.
I had a yearning to work very well and it showed.
I was not into vanity or dressing to fit in.
I was into work, what the body does to fulfill human desire, to achieve the light in the blue sky.
At that time I had no clue of any talents in my possession, other than a good work habit.
How could I know how to climb a creative ladder?
I thought what I created was meager, as I do now.
The difference is that I want the world to know that I exist.
The ego has stepped to the forefront.
The dazzling red cape is teasing the bull.
I am getting older and I want all the world to see the day.

A Green Mist
To sway opinions with voices of light.
A bit of sarcasm for you nostalgia buffs.
It may have been Pleasantville for you, but it was not for Pleasantville for me.
Lessons to be learned by dropping out and living in poverty.

Words & Graphics by Tomas