50 Years and Counting
Let the vocabulary roll. Let the mind belch puffs of steamy spiritual mana.
I huff and I puff and I try to make it through the day. My mind flops across the spectrum of emotions.
One minute I am saluting the unknown and the other minute I am driving a personal stake into the unknown.
They all knew what they wanted. I was still an unknown mind not knowing or caring.
I was a seeker of truth, absorbing and not knowing. I could draw the line without meaning, not knowing.
I was physically there and not there. The perfect simple being.
I was happy and thrilled and not knowing why. I did not have sense enough to hide or understand why I had to.
I was the man-child lost and unknown. I read of the spiritual world and I saw the freedom.
And now today I struggle with heavy weight and I try to understand the flow of days.
Somedays I know, somedays I am lost.
Silent voices scamper across our threshold; some are like snow blowing across our vision.
Oh, so, so many cold flakes that we can only grasp a few. How do we listen and comfort those sounds?
They travel lightly and unseen in Wal-Smart parking lots, pulling in and out of white lines in our blowing snow of thought.
There are so many? How can we possibly listen to them all?
We can grasp a few and understand, but the rest will have to wait. Let them fall and swirl like the snow.
The snow falls and swirls as it travels east. The sun shines on the fallen snow, it brightens our thoughts and view.
The white snow cover reflects the light of the sun.
Emotions travel across this landscape.

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"Family" by Tom Lance
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