I step out into the darkness
bonga, bonga, bonga
I step out into the darkness.
I look up and see the moon full.
I walk over and sit on a cushion, give a twist to my wrist and illuminate the darkness.
Out through the darkness twin beams of light cut a tunnel of light.
I move forward, still seated in my comfort.
bonga, bonga, bongaDid I illuminate the darkness?bonga, bonga, bonga
I am moving forward at a terrible speed, I adjust my vision and demeanor, everything is normal.
Everything is normal?
Who is in awe?
I assume normal behavior, is this normal behavior typing about moving in the darkness at a high rate of speed?
We assume.
The red haired boy sat and giggled as I walked by.
What am I to assume?
I move forward into the light and then into the darkness.
I arrive at work and continue assuming that all is normal.
Now I can speak about this gift, this wrapped up package of ours.
This being walks and rides in the light and darkness.
bonga, bonga, bonga
This world is far out!

Just a Visit
To Be At Peace

Words & Graphics by Tomas