We are together, looking at the world.
We teach what we view. If the world would have taught me the proper way to see the world while
I was very young then I could have blossomed sooner.
I could have spoken more fluently and I could have possibly been an influence on more children.
As it is, now perhaps I can show the world a colorful flower and
position their awareness in the space that is their being,
the place that they occupy, the place that glows with life,
the aura and warmth around their existence.
Perhaps their eyes can view the world around them.
Maybe they can see that each of us is here with our own glow of existence.
Our omnipresent point of view that sees the world and beyond.
I am holding Natasha as we walk in the department store in Murray. The array of colors and the movement of people are holding her attention. I walk near a hanging wind chime; I bring her close to it and she grasps the chime and it plays a soft sound. She turns loose and I turn around and see a carpet on display and I walk toward it. She grasps and feels the texture of the carpet. We continue on to other displays and I try to explain what she feels in her hands. Colorful balloons on strings hang up toward the ceilings. Wagons of food move across the polished tiled floors as orange displays stand out. We at last see vegetables and I pick up a squash with its splendid shape and feel. We are careful to handle only those vegetables that have a skin or husk. As we leave the store Natasha is starting to nap. She is worn out by the splash of colors and feelings. When we reach the car she is asleep. We drive home.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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