Allison is brushing her long hair and Natasha is standing still.
In the above photo Natasha promptly removed three shelves of Laurel's books in under two minutes time. I do not think that it was a record but it did open my eyes to the swiftness of a crawling child. Natasha is walking on the sides of furniture and walls. She takes a step or two away from support and then falls on her seat with good control (a controlled fall). She stands near Laurel and claps her hands while Laurel talks like Donald Duck. They both ripple with laughter almost out of control. It makes your body laugh with pure pleasure. She has four teeth and as the teeth move out it does bother her. There is not much we can do but apply some medication to sooth the movement. She understands this but she is still displeased with the pain. She says an assortment of dah, dahs and mah, mahs with a lot of variations of both. She says "Hi", waves goodbye, claps her hands when life is good. She does not like being strapped into a car seat but we explained that it the best for her when she travels in a vehicle.
Allison is a wonderful mother. She stays with Natasha at all possible times. Which is amazing to behold.
Natasha is a human vacuum cleaner. She is just now learning that some things that come off the floor are not that good to eat. She has tried just about everything. We try to watch what she does pick up, but a turned head is a delicacy.
We are not as vigilant as Allison.

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