Noah's Ark

Is there a Noah's Ark in place that will protect us all from a fiery decent from outer space and beyond?
Are there underground caverns of people and animals securely in place in each country on this planet?
Has the U.N. thought of just that plan or is it beyond the means of our intelligence?
Everything that is made up of paper and steel with dissolve with age. What will last or does it matter?
Do we have something in place that will protect our knowledge that we are not aware of?
Who is responsible for the lasting effects of our publications. Who could say or is it who cares?
If that is the case then why are we begging man to listen, why are we pounding our chest?
The sun is coming out, the breeze moves nicely, it looks nice.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas