no capital letters
i laid down, i tossed and turned, i itched and i scratched. dam i think
i have fleas from the cats.
it is probably my imagination gone wild.
i was thinking about the letters written without caps, while i
i thought to myself why we would write our letters in that fashion, i
remember doing that during my stay at morningstar. i think everyone has
a reason for writing the way they do, i think something is crawling up
my back. if i wrote that way i would do so to remind myself that we are
all equal and that we should not place one letter above the other. i
hope my imaginary creatures settle elsewhere.
does anyone know what happened to kyle banks?
it's 11 pm i have to get up at 4 am. my mind is racing, my gears are
turning, no thought, just rambling.
 the green grasses here are mowed, the earth is swelled from all the rain.
can we truely understand how much the earth raises up after a heavy rain,
i know in california when it does this the earth slides away.
I think that kentucky has a rock/coal foundation that all these trees and plants cling to.
this keeps us in place.
the earth here somtimes falls into empty caverns called sink holes.
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