everything is normal.
It is quiet and dark out this Sunday Morning.
Yesterday morning I cleared the walk and driveway of snow.
The snow was bright, wet and heavy.
The neighborhood kids were out building snowmen.
Nothing is moving in this mind to realize the wonderful gifts that I have.
The morning is "so-so", the clear presence of light is not here, and everything is normal.
The gifts that are here are not seen,
the welling deep inside that I normally feel needs to be found,
everything is normal.

I am refinishing and old oak dresser. It is was created in the early 1900's. It is tongue and groove with the help of some nails. It was built for the middle class families of Paducah, KY. It has a label that says "Bucks" and "Rhodes" "Paducah, KY." on different parts of the labels. It is mostly all oak with a little veneer. When you are done you can see the beauty of the varnished hard oak wood. The sawdust is flying and the singer is singing. I realize now why I stopped refinishing floors and furniture and went to work on the Ohio river. The sawdust gets into every one of your pores. It becomes the skin on your body and the taste in your mouth. The sawdust travels into your nose and eyes. It moves deeply into your lungs and tangles your hair.
We acknowledge a human from afar.
This morning I awoke with that thought.
I am reminded that I see people and, and I make a knowledgeable effort to see them as human.
It is so easy to just pass them by.
There are some new faces (photos) that we can see at the Diggers site.
Research has found some old photographs taken in 1966 -1967 in San Francisco. Here the link to that site.
Maybe some of you can recognize some of the people in those photos.
On another note, things are strange in Kentucky. I went into the video rental and I said," Do you have any new DVD's that just came in?" She answered," Yes that one there just came in this morning." Laurel & I rented the movie and we went home to view the movie. The movie started skipping and we said," What?" We looked at the DVD and it was smudged and scratched. And I thought to my self. First it was the day old bread back in the sixties that hit the shelves in our local ma and pa stores. Then the old cull apples and oranges were displayed on our store shelves. And now we get the leftover DVD's from the big cities. The only other option we have is to buy the DVD. Whatever?
When we went to Philly a couple of years ago we were surprised to see the fine quality of fruits and vegetable on display in the stores. Laurel misses the fine restaurants and I miss the quality fruit of the big cities.
The farmers here kill all the predators that come on their property. The predators kill livestock and easy prey. Most wolves, coyotes and mountain lions stay away from farms. We have a lot of  forest land in southern Illinois so most of the predators stay there. The dam was near that land so I was able to see and hear them from the lock.
I am sorry about Dusty.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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