Monday Morning
One way to live is in the woods. Just burning wood, nothing but the space before me to occupy my mind.
Nothing is wasted, living in world occupied by man. Living the simple life, no waste, hearing the voice and seeing the paper.
And there is the other world like mine, fossil fuels, burning; we are swiftly moving vehicles on this planet. We have clothing, computers, paper and cars. We hear messages by satellites.
I heard Sting singing about “the message in a bottle”. I received the message.
Peace on earth good will to man.
For more than fifty years I have been listening to people express their emotion with musical songs. Some became popular and had a great audience and some not. What I realize is that because they had beautiful voices they were put on high altars and listened too. We let them express their opinions because the song soothed the soul. Some of us listened to what was said and agreed or disagreed.
Now a different moment is at hand and each person on this planet can purchase space to write on and immediately be on the airwaves. It is something out of Dick Tracy that has crept up on us. A lot of folks have set up shop on line. They all have something to sell for money or for love. This is quite an opportunity. We are free to express ourselves. We can thank man and god for the opportunity and I do.

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