A Wet Year Changes

The trees are still green.
Off in the distance I can see the red changes in the colors of a small tree and the orange changes of a small bush.
This year was slow in the fall change.
The sap knows that it is time to go below the earth.
The convoy of fluids that must go below the earth before the hard cold air freezes the outside bark of our trees.
This is the time for the green to depart and the bright reds,
oranges and yellows to cover the gray and rustic brown trees.
The white ghosts are dancing around the lavender mums.
The pumpkins are gathering faces and the corn is standing dry in fields.

 The 4th of July, 2000bongaSeptember 20, 2000
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October 16, 2000bongaOctober 19, 2000
October 21, 2000bongaOctober 27, 2000

 Words & Graphics by Tomas

 Words & Graphics by Tomas