This writing moves from the past to this present, twisting emotions into words.
I do love to splash colors before your eyes.
I am learning to understand mankind with a lot of pompous bull spread throughout this writing. Take it with a grain of salt.
My life,
an egotistical drama,
being on the planet Earth,
going from wealth to poverty
and then back to wealth.
The middle class wealth of the fifties, down to the self imposed poverty of the sixties.
I had traveled in my mind with John Steinbeck in 1962,
reading whatever was available. I was bombarded with thought.
Doubt was following along behind me like a flying kite.
The math was not right. The black lights were speaking freely and I was beginning to understand.
It did not take much coaxing; my mind was basically there.
So now after thirty years I write.
This writing is a continuing peace of work
And as you may notice that it does change from day to day. As Mr. Dylan says,
"The times they are a changing".
In the keeping with the Morningstar Ranch ideal, this page is free for all.
The work is being done for our pleasure.
And I must say that it is very pleasurable to put words on paper.
If the work (writing) makes someone smile or leads them someplace good it is a plus.
Some of us passed over the land called Morningstar Ranch.
Chances are that a very few of us have ever met. We were all blessed with a place to call home in our hearts and minds. We
passed this turnstile of time into our future. Each of us has a story of Morningstar, a beautiful and wonderful story. We have
kept our story in our minds, like the people of  " Fahrenheit 451 " we walk around with the chapter of our own being. The
stories are coming to the top like sweet cream. This is a slow evolution, but each of us knows that time will pass if we wait too
long. Ramon touched each one of us with the chapter with his own thoughts, opening the gates of Morningstar Ranch in our
minds. We all knew we had a story, it was just when was it coming to the top.
Cut and paste the fragments of your life into a mosaic, like the quilt, each of us will hold a different color and landscape of
knowledge. Paintings ,pictures, songs and dust.......
We have joined Ramon Sender and the Morningstar Wheelers Newsletter, Bishop &Peggy Saltzman The Tie Dye Guys,
Char~*, Robert, Joe Dolce and his Difficult Women, Alicia Bay Laurel, David and his image VM*.
The Dennis - Tom - Tomas - Laurel &Tom - series is all true.
Which also makes it flawed with memory.
Hopefully these words and thoughts are the seed of something wonderful.
If something is not right, speak up and  we may change it.
Dennis is what I was called from birth to high school.
Tom is what I was called during my military duties.
Tomas I took after dropping out, it is what my grandmother called me.

 What did Tomas look like in late 1967?
Picture a farmer with his rubber boots shoveling crap out of a barn. Remove the farmer and leave the rubber boots with the dung standing in place. Place Tomas in the rubber red balls. Place some orange corduroy pants on Tomas, they are a little to small and short, there is a gap between the bottom of the trousers and the red ball rubber boots. A leather blue and brown belt with a harness buckle made by the lovely Sylvia is around his waist. Put on blue check long sleeve cotton shirt, the shirt you would see on a lumber jack. Find your self a army wool blanket grey in color, wear it like Ming of Flash Gordon days of gone by. Place the cape on Tomas, beg one of the girls at Morningstar for a patch to place on your wool cape. The patch is only one of many patches being sewed together to make Lou a quilt.
Tomas has black/brown hair, he stands in his outfit, his mustache too long and gross, smiling with a silver tooth bright next to empty space. He is agile, passive and aggressive, hard working and stoned. Dip him in some dirty slurry and rinse as best you can.
Now we have a gentle creature, he is very happy to meet you, very happy to know that you are alive. He is very happy to receive the crumbs on his plate. He worships the ground he walks on.
He is only one, there are many more like him, they are all different and unique.

If you have written about your life at Morningstar, send Ramon a message saying that you have a written story. Or better yet
open a web page and tell the world, most space is free, be careful when choosing a space, some places sell ads over your face, or make you wear a sign around your neck.

bonga, bonga, bonga", everything you can about Ramon Sender and you will understand.

Words & Graphics by Tomas