Open Heart?

One of the reasons that Morningstar was shut down was the filthy living condition in the upper house.
It was not capable of handling 20 people let alone 90. People tried to keep it clean but after a while it beats you over the head.
When my son was at the University of Kentucky he was assigned living quarters at the twin 20-story towers on the campus in his first year. Sometime during that first year we went by for a visit. I was totally surprised by the shit and crap that was piled high in the rest rooms at the end of those halls. I must assume that they had to use fire hose to clean out those dorm restrooms on a weekly basis. May I guess or assume that all first year dorms are the same.
People assume that living on a commune such as Tolstoy or Morningstar was all play.
People worked hard to maintain a standard of living. Poverty was the standard, but it requires a lot of work. Tolstoy was easy on the chores, because when you accomplished something it stayed that way for a time and results could be seen. At Morningstar the law kept you on your toes and you could not keep up with the dishes or toilets.
So do not assume that drugs and sex were 90 percent of our activities. We like to think that they were but that is not the case. People stayed busy.
I like to think that Lou never wavered about open land and his point of view. It may be that the law someway and somehow forced him to change. I assume that he never wavered and I like it that way. Could it be that the social pressure around him had asked him to discriminate about his policy of open land? Choose who you want Lou to be here on this land Lou. Please? Did someone make a wish and ask god to remove the people of Morningstar to just a few? I do not know. I do know that our views narrow as time passes. We become more selective about our friends and wish others to quietly go away.
I do this here in Kentucky. I want to ignore the people that hunt, get drunk and beat their wives. I want to hate them for their ignorance. I want to hate them for abusing their children with incest. But I believe that I should see them as another point of view, another light with a beacon. How can I show them the world or are they just going shoot first and ask questions later?
So how did Bin Laden narrow his view? When did he decide to swat the fly, to shoo it away. Do I represent the evil that he hates? Somehow I think so. He has drawn the line with blood and forced me to make a decision.
On one side of that line (mine) the freedom to express our religious freedom is to die. It is to be poisoned with white fear and disruptive propaganda.
I do represent all that evil that has oppressed the poor ladies at wal -smart and China?

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