Can anyone compare the freedom of Morningstar with the freedom of Wheelers?
There was a big difference. People say there was a difference. What was the difference?
Can anyone compare the freedom of Morningstar with the freedom of your home
or land? There is a big difference. In your home the people that you invite/choose
are free to be there.
I have felt no other feeling in this world as the freedom of Morningstar.
We could all talk until we are blue in the face but we could never achieve
that state. No one can ever take away that feeling or explain it to anyone
So no matter what you say to anyone about Morningstar people will always
go away with what they feel with you.
Open land with no law, open land with law, freedom without law, freedom
with law, freedom, no freedom?
Utopia? I have a pretty good feeling about that word.
We were free to bitch and moan. We were free to follow any god. We were
free to watch the sun. We were free to shit in the woods. We were free to
be whatever we wanted. We were free to be without chains. We were free.
How do explain that to someone?
I got the feeling in my soul and there is where it stays. It sometimes travels
to my brain and maybe to a paper or computer screen, but it never comes
out the same as the feeling of freedom at Morningstar.
Whatever! We still try to explain it to folks, but people only see what
they want to see.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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