They must stand still for peace.
"Confucius thought that a ruler who had to resort to force had already failed as a ruler",
so that is where the world is now. We are standing in the timeline of violence.
When one man stands still and ends the violence another man will shoot him off the pedestal of peace.
How many men will die for nothing?
This is what they can do.
The folks in Palestine and Israel can lay their weapons down on the ground and stand on them at attention. They can contemplate peace. They can stand thirty soldiers deep. They can stand and think and do nothing but fight for peace in their solitude. They can stand erect until every muscle in there body aches for peace. They can let every killing emotion pass through their system of thought. They can stand still until peace comes over their bodies. Some will want to strangle the veined throat of their neighbor but they must stand still for peace. This is a very painful process as they look down at their killing weapons. They must follow orders they are now soldiers for peace.
They must stand still for peace.

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