"The Johnny Otis Show"
"The Johnny Otis Show" was an early television influence in my life in LA. I loved the rhythm and blues they played and I realized at that time that this man only got this show on live TV because he looked white. I as a child understood at that time what was going on but being only a child we thought that we had no influence in what the world was doing.
Anyway I really enjoyed watching his show. Here is his web site:
I can hear the wind howling, it is very dark out there.
It is raining.

Jan.30, 2002
Today there is a photo in the local paper of the buzzards flying over the city. They/the city does not know why they are flying overhead they assume that they/ the buzzards smell something but they will not say. I think that those chickens have called in reinforcements (the Buzzards) to deal with their social problems of overall health hazzards and overcrowding.
I here their call, "Take Wing!"

The Buzzards and Chickens

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