Our body is here on this planet called earth.
We each view our planet in a different way.
My mind is in another world, a world called a utopia with or without a fault.
The mind sees what it wants to see and that is what I see.
I have walked on the earth and seen a lot of happiness and pain.
I have a dream just like everyone else.
I choose to walk in the world called a utopia, the place where the lion walks with the lamb.
In realty the lion sometimes kills the lamb and sometimes she does not.
I choose it to be my heaven on earth.
This is our world that is labeled with status.
This life that is labeled with layers of beauty and wealth.
Our flawed bodies are part of our perfection and there is a blemish on my mind.
That is my perfection.
We point at the sun and I see the buzzards flying over the city of Marion.
Every day they fly overhead which is a constant reminder to us that death is below them.
Something is dying.
The chickens sent out a distress call.
"We are cooped up in these pens. We are dying, we are in distress, please help."
They cry and point to the gray sky where the buzzards are flying.
Everyone smiles.
Our warm body proves our status in this perfect world with its pain.
Some of us see our blue or gray skies as they arrive daily and we smile.
I live in Marion, Ky. and I lived at Morningstar Ranch.
There is no difference between the two.
The world with its flaws is our utopia, "our world without end."
My eyelids are half closed with sleep.
Good night.
Our body is here on this planet called earth.

Chickens & Buzzards

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Words & Graphics by Tomas