You can push the pen across the paper, crumple it and throw it our way.
It does not have to make sense it just has to say hello.
People want to hear some people think and they read whatever they write.
Pam you could throw stones at a canvas and we would marvel at your creation.
Ramon could say "hugs" to each of us and our hearts would melt.
Rena could stand on her head in the ocean and we would visualize her beauty.
David could sit and watch the brown hills and we would be at peace.
Joanie could smile and tell a tale in Greek and we would be happy.
Doris could touch our bodies and we would be healed.
Sylvia could say "Tomas" and my heart would melt.
Laurel could hold Natasha and I would be happy.
Alicia could organize our dreams and.....on and on......;
We could all sit in a circle and pass the time and we would be badaba.
So Pam whatever you do or write you know that it will be great for our minds and souls.
Standards: some folks have high standards. Their goals are rather high.
What they create has to fall into the category of brilliant in their eyes.
Scraps of paper bundled together are thrown across this moldy room. Each tattered edge has a tale and a history.
We have been gathering our collective thoughts for some time now. It is evolving slowly but it is evolving.
It has been gathering steam like a great locomotive that lumbers along.
It stops from time to time to pick up passengers and thoughts.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....
August 11, 2001
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