There are places to go where the agony is light.
A place where your body is accustomed to the pain and sends your mental friends there to ease it.
They gently move your mind to places that matter, responsibilities of the day.
Gentle creature that reside inside your mind. Comforting the logic and easing the pain.
Help come from all different directions; it is a pleasant surprise.
So  is life in this new century, 2001.
Write us a whimsical story. Let us know what is going on in that wonderful mind of yours.
Move your mind into places of fact and fantasy. Put your mind in places where only your mind can travel.
Move away from hard muscles that ache into places when the mind comforts our day.
Please write us a story daily and we will paste your emotion with ours.
Laurel and I are going to see Alison and Jason in Murray tonight.
They are having some kind of 4th of July celebration at one of their local churches in Murray it should be nice.
The black male cat "Davy" I call him David, is meowing a song in the window, wanting to come in to be fed.
I try to ignore him because he will continue to push until he gets his way.
He sometimes gets his way with Laurel and gets to come in to eat.
But you better watch him because he will mark his territory in your home. And that is rank.
Today in Sunday and we both are up and ready to go.
Today we are off work together and we automatically got up at 5 am.
I have a sticky mouse, which needs to be cleaned.
Take care and write us a fable.

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