A point of view:
Sometimes our thoughts are compiled into a point of view.
You know the thoughts about what we think of the world as it stands today.
But there is another point of view.
A simple point of view, a view we sometimes forget about because it is always there, always available.
It is the point of view that we see when we first wake up.
Or the point of view we see when we look out at the world to see what is before us.
It may be a garden out back, a working crew viewed through an open window,
a sandy beach with a red horizon, and a blacktop road at fifty miles per hour.
It is a deliberate choice that we make to put us in our proper perspective with our environment.
I can vision my body going out into a meadow and closing my eyes.
Standing still and then opening my eyes for the first time.
Absorbing the texture and colors in my point of view.
The thoughts moving threw my mind are the colors, textures and smells of my surroundings.
A point of view.
The world of influence, you reap what you sow.
We as individuals have made our mark.
We have influenced our children.
There is some of us in our children, good or bad, whatever?
When we stepped on the land we paid the price.
When we dropped our clothing and let our hair grow we were telling the world that their influence was not entirely right.
And now when we write and try to recover the vibe so others can understand, we are making our mark.
There are hundreds of people that visit the Morningstar/Wheelers related links weekly.
Some just laugh, some understand, some are angered, but what we write today does influence the world.
If you notice that our writings run the extremes, from the remarkable skills of write to the just plain word.
People monitor our movements from the federal government to the historical scribes of dictate.
It is morning and the quiet still of morning is green and colorful.
I reread the above sentences trying to understand why I would write such words.
Maybe it is because I can and I understand the way to type words on to a colorful background.
This is a glorified piece of paper that I can upload into a storage area with an address.
A post it note on this/our computer screen.
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Words & Graphics by Tomas