Deep in the Amazon she knelt by the clear pool.
A Varity of greens and blues made the scene extremely tropical. Alone in her solitude she gathered the stillness to her heart.
She slipped into the sun warmed pool and swam.
She opened her eyes after a moment of peace. She heard a distant roar, a sound that she had heard before. She looked up toward the sky, she knew that there would be a passing. She swam on her back; her nakedness glistened in the sun. She saw something falling from the sky. She swam toward the shore and ran toward the cover of a nearby tree. Things started hitting the water. She started laughing when she realized what was hitting the water. She sat under the tree and laughed until she cried.
There on the water, floating in their cellophane wrappers were hundreds of Ding-Dongs, Twinkies and pink and white Snowballs.
2000 and one a space odyssey indeed.


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Words & Graphics by Tomas