Art is a trivial pursuit.
It does not feed the hungry or care for the poor.
Fancy colors and garlands have no business in our schools.
There are more meaningful tasks that our children can learn.
Catering to our pleasant views has no useful purpose in our new environment.
Pleasing the eye is for dreamers.
So do not waste your time on trivial pursuits they have no business in our daily chores.

During the Reagan Administration our schools lost most of their funding for art and most of the money available for the music classes.
This policy still stands firm today, as art has no business in our schools.
I have a bitter dislike for the Reagan Administration policies and
his trickle dickle down economy,
which reminds me of a urinal economy of yellow trickle.

So the only art the children got in Marion during that time was from toy boxes and video games.
Art is a trivial pursuit.
Examples of Art


Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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