Sunshine & Rain

It has rained everyday this week.
Dark rolling, almost blue black clouds have rolled in every day.
Lighting has dropped in the distance and reverberated back as a roar.
I have measured the rain out at the mailbox and there is over two inches there this morning.
The blue wheelbarrow is almost full; I have been dumping it every other day.
The humidity is so high that after a rain steam rises from the earth and asphalt.
This has happened everyday this week.
As I look out this morning the grasses are so green, lush and almost velvety.
The air is moist and heavy and later when the sun shines moisture will ease from our bodies.
I hope you feel better and pleasure eases into your pores.
I hope the sunshine's and illuminates your spirit and dwells in the inner movements of your body and soul.
Peace and Good Will, Good Feelings to You.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas