Walking on rip rap

Some are small, some are large. Some stones are firmly in place, some are loose.
Some look firmly in place, but are loose. Some look loose but are firmly in place.
You never know what will happen as you place your feet on the stones.
Your foot may want to lean to the left or maybe to the right.
You are always balancing, constantly adjusting your weight over the stones.
Like everything else in life, these stones are a constant source of pain, because they are not meant to walk on.
Some of us have to travel on difficult paths. We do not have to put our selves in these positions, but we do.
Twisted ankles and scuffed knees, arthritis, stomach ulcers and head aches, aliments that we all endure.
I read in Peter Coyotes’ book “sleeping where I fall” where a being walked more than five miles one-way
(maybe more) to get some fuel in cold and freezing weather.
They persevered for their cause, they moved their body where it did not want to go, they did a job that had to be done.
We have all placed our bodies in places where are bodies did not want to be.
Pain has sometimes moved though our nervous systems when it did not have to.
We endure, we place our bodies in strange places for a cause, sometimes menial, sometimes meaningful.


pull and tug

Sometimes I am lost in the world of thinking that your world is better than the space I occupy.
“The bear went over the Mountian”.
Why do I lose the perspective that life is grand here at my feet?
What images move my mind into far away dreams of dancing bears and fairies?
Over yonder hill and dale the movement is swell.
Why does my mind go off into places it wants to be.
Or maybe this is just an emotion that passes though the mind.
When I look out and see the colors I am here.
When I read about your habitat I think I should be there.
Why does life pull and tug at our garments like a small child wanting something.

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Walking on Rip Rap

Words & Graphics by Tomas