Today I see the rolling hills of Kentucky.
Green meadows and a lot of woods and further south the prairies where the bear and the buffalo did roam. The bears have been run off and the mountain lion stays very clear of the guns of man. We soar over these rolling hills seeing a large beaver pond. We go down and watch as he swims along the edge. We see the gnawed edges of cut timber lying about. We want to soar with the eagle but he also is leery of man so he flies along the edges of cliffs and tall timber.
Squirrels, rabbits, foxes, opossum, skunk, coyotes, deer, wildcat (bobcat), raccoons, muskrats, turtles and the cougar all travel these rolling hills with man, cattle and horses.
Dogs bark in the neighborhoods and mules kick the fire away from the grazing sheep. Black snakes are in the barns feeding on the mice and rats keeping the grains clean. The owls fly in the evenings.
Cats sit on windowsills still; cats sit still in these rolling hills.
Birds are constantly flying everywhere eating all the insects that crawl on the woody bark of these old trees.
Dead branches have fallen on matted leaves where earthworms work below. A rabbit nibbles on new spring flower.
I look out this window and see the rolling hills of Kentucky.

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