moving backwards
The world that we live in is a constant scapegoat to all our problems.
It does not matter how well the world continues to move forward in all areas of concern.
The world provides quick transportation of movement of bodies and thought.
The world tries to maintain a comfortable living for all human beings.
But because the world is so slow in its tasks it is going to be the source of all of our troubles.
It is going to be blamed for all of its tasks that have not pleased some of us.
There have been major flaws in the way the world views other humans.
It has called all humans that do not believe in quick civilization "savages" and has eliminated them.
That major flaw has created a world of blame.
I thought that we had learned our lessons about savages.
But we still send missionaries to other lands to persuade them about their flaws.
We use all the tools available to do our tasks.
Some of us try to live a little slower; we try to move our abilities closer to the cave man, moving slowly backward.
It is difficult to do both moving backwards and forwards at the same time when
there is a constant reminder flying overhead.
moving forwards

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