The Most Photo Scrapbook
Family & Friends
Morningstar Ranch & Wheeler's

MayPole 2002
Annie LlamaTheseBaana B are DavidtheHeikkivoyagesMichael, Coyote, Heikki  & Quiet Steveof
Phil MorningstartheThere is "Still Life" on earthStarship TerryMorningstar.Wheeler's  at DuskIts
WildercontinuingKyle and the dogsmission Pam & Erin Tessa Read to Pam and the SquashexploreBen
Maria & SkystrangeAnother view from Wheeler's new Azul, Levi, Trella, Wendi & Breezeworlds
Some of Tron's Paintingsand EmbroiderynewIndian Chris utopias.Peggy SaltzmanTo
JackieboldlyA young man at Wheelers goMargo and CharleswhereA view on the road to Wheeler's
Coleman Valley RoadnoRhiannon & Mike Collins manBaana and JudyhasGroup photos at Wheeler'sgone
Heikki, David, Wilder, Terry, Michaelbefore.Heikki winding and Mike watchingTheseMark Hickman are
Phil Morningstar and TanyatheRamon talking to a small groupvoyagesRiqui, Siberian Husky and Skyof
Ramon, Baana & PhiltheThe MommiesStarshipGeorge is nappingMorningstarBiship & MargoIts
Winding of the last ribboncontinuingAmber, Sugar & Friendsmission Maria Elena and Charles
to Lou, Rosalie and JohnexploreMichael Kliks PhD.

Words of thought by Pam Hanna
These are the voyages of the Starship Morningstar.
Its continuing mission to explore strange new worlds and new utopias.
To boldly go where no man has gone before.

   Wheelers Ranch Scrapbook
  By Char~*

MOST Newsletters Table of Contents

The Hippie Museum
The Personal
The Political
The Earth
Express Thyself


What did the hippies believe in?
What is the freedom that hippies tried to achieve?
What was it about society at that time that made
hippies and their ideals a reality?
What kind of reality was it?
 By Alicia Bay Laurel

If any of you that have access to better quality newspaper articals or photos about you or
Morningstar Ranch please copy and send us the file if you can.
These photos are the efforts of those beings listed on the Title Page.
The newer photos are taken by Ramon, Pam, Jodi and the good folks of Morningstar and Wheelers.
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