Places To  Be
We live in a world where arrows and barbs are sometimes meant to hurt.
Most of the time words are bandied with the intentions of making a point of pain in the brain, to hurt some other human's feelings.
We also live in a world where some folks want the rest of the world to live in peace.
I have no answer.
I know of no magic solution to turn words of hate into peace.
I will live in peace, but I cannot proscribe it as a solution.
Keep trying.
A solution is in sight.
4/15/2005 Note: I reread this and I cannot understand what I said. I leave as is, maybe some day a light will go off in this brain and I will understand.
There are two places I can be.  One is far away, somewhere uncharted and unseen. A space that is impossible to find on any given map, away off under a tree by a clear lake and stream, nothing very close to any kind of advanced technology in any direction, a peaceful and meaningful place untouched by sight. A place where the heart and mind do not seek or want anything. Where what I see is what there is to eat to be. We all know of this place.
The other place is amid all this technology, paved paths and meetings to be.
There are people out there in the woods, living day by day, living off the land. They do not write or speak their minds using technology, they are simply being. They do not stand on orange crates and give colorful meanings, they just are. They are well aware of this world where I am at. They see the papers and planes, the tobacco, pens and ointments. They try their best to live free without the baggage and garments of the world.
Some of us are aware that we are there. We all remember the phrase "That's where it's at!"

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