September 24,2000
I am free to think and write.
Sunday morning, it is cool, the fog is lifting and the cats are yawning.
I have been thinking about ideas that are roaming around in my head. Different ways to use the Internet to help myself and family.
Simple ideas awake with me and my morning fog.
So far this writing has been for pleasure and now my thoughts turn to helping my family earn a living.
I have learned that nobody wants to be told what to do; they just want you to listen to them.
So I'll list some famous quotes that make sense to me.
"… And God created women…."
"… We hold these truths to be self evident.."

How can I tell you to be aware?
How can I tell you to see the color in front of you?
Can you see the person that you just passed?
Are we going to look into the future and forget the past?
How can our great thinkers not be equal with us?
How can we elevate them and not elevate our selves.
They would be shocked if we elevated them above the crowds of humanity.
We do this quite often; we make our best heroes into gods to be worshiped.

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