There is a constant motion of the pen.
The elegant swirl and dot, the lavish color of ink, the continuing saga of life among us beings.
Some of us are aging swiftly and some flowers just being born.
It is hard to put our thoughts into a manila envelope and say here are "the sixties".
If you look you can see it in the early books of  "the sixties".
If you listen you can here it all on the radio.
People died in the trade center listening to the music of the sixties.
We have almost made George Harrison into a deity and time will.
I do not approve of that, whatever.
We have occupied the space in our lives with a great amount of zeal.
Our influence will always continue as it has. There will be no cubbyholes for us.
We have broken down all the barriers.
How do you separate the naked wild beast of Morningstar with the BMW Yuppie?
It cannot be done without doing some damage to the equality of mankind.
We have evolved.
In the late fifties I was dressed in slacks by the clothes maker Levi and a nice pressed shirt on Sunday.
During school I wore whatever fad carried the day. I was clean and nice very similar to the attire I wear today.
But what is the difference between then and now?  The ability to be different was the difference.
In the fifties we all marched in a strait line with only the minority being "cool".
The children of the late fifties and sixties walk into the environment, The South, New York, Chicago and
San Francisco to be part of that minority.
We were only doing what we were told to do by our environment.
Everyone today speaks openly about his or her cause in this environment.
Now we are accepted as part of the environment.
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