Here is a  slingshot made of bits n bytes.

When I was growing up in the1950's in Pasadena and San Gabriel, California we learned to make a slingshot by finding a sturdy and suitable forked piece of wood and then carving it into shape with a pocketknife. We took and old inner tube (old tire tubes were always lying about the gas stations) and cut a very long inch wide strips of rubber (maybe about 18"). We cut a piece of leather from an old shoe tongue. We put two vertical slits into the leather tongue.
We slit a hole in each end of the rubber band that fastened to the end of each fork. We weaved the rubber band through the leather tongue. We open the slits and put them over each end of the forked wood. We wrapped the rubber at each end with kite string and painted the string with nail polish.
Slings have been around a long time but slingshots came about the same time as scooters, shoeshine boxes, peashooters, automobiles and rubber inner tubes.

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