Rock Soup & Stir the Pot

I am a little slow in comprehending what is written to me.
But I am thrilled at the idea that we as human forms can communicate across these
telephone lines with images that can highlight our thoughts.
We are able to speak and see images on line without tuning a dial on a TV.
This is similar to TV but the advantage here is that we get to send images of our children to other people on line.
We can give social comments on our web pages on a daily basis.
We can hop from one guest page to another guest page and scream our happiness to others.
We can bitch to any company at any time by creating our own little bitching hole.
We can have arrows pointing at the site from all direction.
We can comment on any subject at any time just by creating a forum.
We can be as creative as our little minds can be.
We can have graphics that dance and sparkle or be as quick and fast as an arrow.
I can post at any hour of the day as long as I pay the pipers.
Most people have not taken advantage of this freedom.
I have pushed and probed Laurel and she refuses to embarrass herself.
I think most people do not want the world to know their inner most thought, but what the hell!
I can publish trash as well as anyone else. What was the slogan "If you want to end war you gotta speak loud/up?"
Well here is some "cut-en pasty" words with graphics and a tan background
(which is scanned from the faded Morningstar Scrapbook inner MOST pages)
that wants you to stop fighting and littering.
I saw a young child in a new red pickup with his young parents throw out a plastic lid and straw from the
window of the vehicle they were riding in today on my way home.
Those parents did not give a shit about littering but their truck was shinny and
new without a blemish on the plated chrome or red finish.
Well guys it is time you' all start speaking up and create your own Bitching Posts.
Yaw knows the place where you can tie your old grumpy to.
Or you can paint flowers on our inner most faces in a rainbow of colors.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas