There is a place where men travel in the sky.

The sun is coming up into my eyes.
This is Sunday morning in western Kentucky. I am at Allison's in Murray.
Laurel is reading, I was until the sun poked over the home across the road and
reflected it's light into my eye's as I was trying to read Louis L' Amour.
Last night we watch Natasha (baby sat) while Allison and Jason went out for the evening.
It has been a month since our last visit and Natasha had to acclimate her knowledge of who we were. Luckily Laurel had brought her smile and I brought my black and white shirt that Natasha fondly knows. My mustache is a new view for her; it brought a smile and small hand to my face.

Natasha is so photogenic.

Squirrels are working the trees outside these windows.

On the cover of this book that Allison gave me (a journel I am writing in)
there is a picture of a yellow street scene in bold strokes with the name "Vincent" in bold blue letters below.
I am reminded of my youth and my search for art and...... then again I hear in my mind
"Vincent" a song by Don McLean to honor the red haired painter.

The sun is higher but it still shines in my eyes.
If I look carefully I can see buds on the ends of the bare limbs outside this window.
The morning sun is helping to warm those bare limbs. Each limb is seeking a view of the full sun.
The tree is coaxing the warm spring from deep within the soil, beneath the trunk.
Spring will be here soon and those brown skeletons will blossom into spring colors.

I am infatuated with flamenco song and dance.
There is a pride in the thought of it.
Early in my life I was carried away by the music and pride of the dance.

I talk in silence;
sometimes I am so very anti social preferring to talk to my self than to talk to another human.
Sometimes the world feels that way.
Sometimes it is that way.
Today is one of those days.

Laurel is sick with a high temperature and a virus that puts the body into pneumonia like state.
Today she has read about three Indian women, a grandmother, a mother and a child.
Laurel has seen a movie about how the slaves were treated on their way over on
a slave ship with rat's, maggot's, chains and dead bodies.
That was the way of life in those times; and
now she is seeing "The Chosen" with Robbie Benson,
Maximilian Schell and Rod Steiger.

There is a place where men travel in the sky.
If we look up we can see them traveling across our blueor grayskies.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Words & Graphics by Tomas