Organic Chemicals

 I had a dream the other day that some young man offered to spray around the perimeter of my home with weed killer to make my home easier to maintain; I refused his offer and wondered to my self, " How did I get in a position that someone offered to kill the weeds around my home with a weed killer?" I have a hard enough time finding potting soil that is not chemically treated to boost the lives of those poor tomatoes. Everywhere I go I find Organic Chemicals that will boost the moral of our planet. Where are the souls that are organic? I am being pushed out of existence by overwhelming propaganda, "A Orrganic Black Chic Chevy that looks green?"
I am to the point of begging, my lifestyle is slipping away, leaving planet earth to the black suit with a blue tie and a trim haircut that loves young men.


February 24, 2007
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 Andee  -  Rest in Peace
January 24, 2008
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