That's where it's at.
We continue on, we move forward.
Time passes, we try to look over our shoulder or quickly turn around to try to view our footsteps or past.
But looking back only moves us forward.
No matter what we do we are always occupied with the present.
It may seem as if we dwell in the past but we are always living in the present.
Sometimes our mind thinks that others are living in the past,
thinking maybe their mind is occupied with only the past,
but they are truly living in the present.
No matter what we do we are always here.
Everyone is moving on a different path.
Our paths cross at different points in this odyssey.
We meet, we love, we reflect and we sometimes hate.
I sometimes assume that I was a flaw in someone's high point in time.
Ideas and goals are as different as the points in time we occupy.
Where is the common goal in our travels?
Sometimes I wish I had the answer.
The only answer that I have is this moment in this point and time.
And I choose to enjoy it even though this puzzle, this life is not complete.
We assume that we should always be right.
That every word that we write has to make sense.
That every structure that we build has to be square.
That every moment has to be good.
Green trees stand out there with the earth below and the sky above.
Everyday they seem to stand there like the same picture but we know that there is a difference.
Sharing that knowledge seems to be a comfort to me.
Is there a point in time where someone reads what I write and understands what I say.
Is there a point in time where what I write helps a child to understand
the meaning of their existence making them walk away with a knowing smile on their face.
If I could only know?
I am not blessed with that kind of social security.
I will always doubt my efforts to make sense of this world.
That's where it's at.

August 11, 2001
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