The Fourth

Dick and Jane see god, they sit spaced, their eyes glowing.
We interact with family and friends, we see what others see.
We laugh and smile, we see deer on another web site, we smile, we understand.
We color the mountains and clouds with paint, our eyes reflect the essence of being.
We see the light in the sky.
That's fine.
A shared understanding, a message across the wires of technology.
A shared moment in time.

The 4th of July, 2000bongaSeptember 20, 2000
September 24, 2000bongaOctober 04, 2000
October 09, 2000bongaOctober 12, 2000
October 16, 2000bongaOctober 19, 2000
October 21, 2000bongaOctober 27, 2000

 Words & Graphics by Tomas