Peace and Good Will Toward Man.

At out local hospital I have had a battery of tests done to try to locate a problem in my chest.
It may be probably just laziness; I assume that is the correct solution.
The lack of effort to work my body is probably the cause of all my health problems.
Over the years pulled muscles, twisted ankles and a weakened back have been the cause of my decline.
Every time I lay on the floor and tried to do sit ups my back muscles would pull.
I am now to the point of feeling much better about my muscles but now my endurance is gone,
my ability to be constant in my health has worked me down to where I need to know if I am capable of work,
I think I am but Laurel is not sure and a little aggravated at my lack of work ability.
I am the sources of her welfare.
What I do at the dam does not help in my work habits; the technology there is automated.
I'll see the doctor next week and he'll say I'm fine and tell me to start walking before you turn to shit.
Or he will say it looks a little like something or other and here take this and start walking before you turn to shit.
 In the meantime I feel good mentally, the sun shines and hopefully I will not put a
mask over my head so we can have world peace.
I have no clue to what the mask is for
perhaps it has something to do with hiding and militancy.
Perhaps I can behave properly and not pollute the world with trash or chemicals.
Perhaps I can look at another human being and see the light in their eyes.
Perhaps everyday can be a holiday; there are no wars on holidays.
Perhaps "Peace and Good Will Toward Man"
can someday have some meaning to the people that ignore the words.
Gollum is learning the meaning of ....
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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

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