Tic, tic, tic
I remember a Kingston Trio song by that name.
Tic, tic, tic, I want to chew some gum.
Tic, tic, tic maybe there is something around here to chew on?
Tic, tic, tic a nervous habit, I am shaking my leg.
Tic, tic, tic, I should write or do some exercises, maybe that is the cure.
Tic, tic, tic.

Different stories, Different minds, Different Variations

If I were to ask you to give me an image of God,
be it vocal, a visual image, a void, a written explanation, a drawing, a photo,
a video that you created or some other explanation or definition?
Whatever the medium, I could ask a million people for a definition,
I could stack these explanations in my/our memory banks.
Remembering that I asked for some kind of definition of God
and I received what I asked for.
My point of view acknowledges every one of these as valid.
Each one is God, each a definition represented by a different mind.
I could sort them, you could sort them, we could categorize them.
We could put each view in a different building throughout the world.
We could argue, but the definition would still be the same.
Each one is God.
We could argue again, but the definition would still be the same.
Each one is God.

 An Open Commune

 Words & Graphics by Tomas