Andee Carlsson

Andee Carlsson
My friend Andee in Chacala is gone. I just got the news that she had a fatal stroke on Sunday.
We met on a commune in Washington State in 1967. We kept in touch from time to time and since the start of Blogger we both had blogs we kept up with. Here are her blogs.
Love Ya Andee,

My Life in Chacala

A year-round resident of Chacala writing about day-to-day life in a small Mexican tourist and fishing beach village, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. For photos and contact information about places to stay in Chacala, go to: For other info about Chacala, go to:
We are the dust as we are the body.
I am going thru a phase where I understand words. This should have happened
when I was sixteen years old. Well whatever if by some chance we will be reincarnated
as some minute particle on this planet of ours we want to be completely aware
of our standing in life.
 When they take a photo of the earth from space to give us our weather and
show us a nice snapshot of earth. We are there with all the animals and
trees and rocks and sand. The water moves about in waves and our long lost
and departed are there. Nothing has changed but time as it passes. We are
there on earth, we exist, and we occupy our space in time. We can't seem
to see our bodies or the soil beneath our feet but we know we are there.
We are the dust as we are the body.


Words & Graphics by Tomas