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 Acid Reflux and Trauma 

I awoke in the middle of the night because the food in my stomach wanted to come up. Normally food goes through our bodies; as it does our bodies gather what it needs and dis guards the rest. We have valves that keep food down; in my case those valves do not work properly and I take medicine to keep everything calm (keep the acids down to a roar). If our acids came up they would cause a lot of pain and choking. In my case I can sit up as I am now and let gravity help me.
A few minutes ago Laurel came in and asked , "Why are you up?" I explained to her what happened. She went back to bed.
I have had this problem for a very long time and I do not remember when I first noticed the problem. It is annoying to me and to others as it causes loud noises.

If I remember correctly, early on I used to stutter 
(at least until the 2nd grade 
(I also wet the bed and had no control in school (2nd grade))), 
then it was the hiccups and now this.

Well I have worked it back to trauma as a child. 
The folks in Pasadena were kind and helpful before that I have no clue.

Times Change

In the year 2012 I understand my body more than I have ever have in my past. 
The history and the techknowlogy to let me know is here and now


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