The Holy Roman Catholic Church

I have been thinking about this for about a week now. The question in my mind is that should the Catholic Church allow their priests to marry or live with a woman?  My answer is simple knowing the history of the Catholic Church and knowing that we as human beings have no fear that such a union would alter anything about the Roman Catholic Church. It would only enhance their ability to confirm the knowledge that they possess.
It would solve to problem they have with celibacy. Traditions change as society learns from its history so the break from celibacy would be clean and simple.  Man is built to survive and celibacy only scorns at mankind. Remember that fathers make excellent priest and profits.
When the Protestants broke away it was a radical move but now with the history the Internet provides us we as a society can move very swiftly by a simple vote in Rome. The world would chant and bow their heads in reverence and say, Its about time!

Words & Graphics by Tomas