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Dad's Grave

Back in 1997 my dad left the area for a place under the soil.
To some my dad was well liked to me he was responsible for my mothers death.
It is clear now that his father told him to get his act together and help those less fortunate and he did. He never gave up the love of having girlfriends but he did good with the money he earned by helping those less fortunate.
So a lot of folks I know like him for the help he gave them. I have deeper feelings and a story that would be a marvelous novel with secrecy, mystery, humor, love and an empty space on the planet earth.
I have places to fill in this novel approach to life.
Sometimes the whole family has to be responsible for the death of a family member; that was a heavy burden for Sandy and I. Now we understand 66 years later. It might have been easier to place the blame where it belonged. We are free now to make our assumptions come true.


Words & Graphics by Tomas

My mother the mystery.
Is she still alive?

 Rest in Peace

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